About Me

Hi Friends! My name is Debbie Lokke.  I'm a mother of two, an avid reader, and maker. The process of creating invigorates me so I decided to create a website capturing everything I'd like my kids to know about, learn, attempt, or internalize.  For me, becoming a parent was the best decision. I'm thoroughly enjoying the adventure.  My kids challenge me and push me to do better; they give me the drive to pursue my own passions and take me along for the ride as they discover theirs.  At the time of starting this blog, my kids are 6 and 8. A great time for seeing core values play out in their decision-making.

I was thinking about formalizing the core value my family subscribes to in some sort of Lokke Family Mission Statement and then the idea came to me to create an entire database of information the kids can have as a reference.  I'm excited about this blog.  I'm excited to create something that one day my kids might get value from.  

My goal is to have them recognize me throughout this blog. To recognize my style of putting forth ideas, which I'm hoping will evolve over time.

The most exciting part of the blog is sharing this information with you. I'd love to hear from you about the strategies, concepts, and tools you want your kids to know about and how you plan on instilling them.  Please reach out to me and let me know, I look forward to learning from you.

About The Blog

The intent of this blog is to have a database of fundamental tools that I think would be conducive to living a healthier, happier, more productive life. As an avid reader and consumer of a lot of content, I'm looking to summarize the information that I've gleaned and have a place for my kids to easily reference in the future.  

On this blog, I will discuss only things that I want my children to look into.  A curated database. The challenge here will be to ensure that the content on this blog is truly timeless given that my kids will be reading this years from now.

I'm envisioning my young adult kids being faced with a challenge that they're not quite ready to discuss, but hopping onto this site their old mummy made, browsing around, and finding something helpful in solving their problem.   A scenario like this will inform the content on this site.

My intent with the content on this blog, is to focus on teaching information gathered to others. If I write a book summary for instance, I will included how I intend to teach the information to my kids. You'll get to see how I plan on incorporating ideas into my parenting and hopefully come away with something useful.

Throughout the site, you'll notice comments indicated by //❤.  Don't mind them. These are little notes for my kids as they hopefully read through this blog one day.

Please navigate through the eclectic content of this blog and gain insight into what I think is important for my kids to know in life. The content will be only the best information that I have come across; a consolidation of timeless helpful insights.  If anything strikes a chord with you, consider incorporating the concepts into your teachings and please let me know how you did it!
Making Stuff
Weapon of Choice
Bad Habit
Obsessing over minor detail
Electrical Engineer
Leggings and a tunic style tee
Theme Song
Opening Song to Star Trek Voyager
Consume less and Create More
There's not a problem that you will come across in life that someone hasn't written a book about
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